IEC Free Wi-Fi (Wireless Internet)

The IEC Free Wi-Fi is a free wireless internet service offered to residents on Fairfax Main street. Wi-Fi signals are available only through Main street and can be connected to using an Email address without the need for a password. The service is provided as a free service and, even though every effort will be made to ensure continued operation, occasional outages may occur.

Wi-Fi connectivity is effected by many situations beyond the direct control of Indian Electric. Weather related phenomenon, tree leaves and/or other signal obstructions blocking the radios on Main street, or even the number of devices connecting to the Wi-Fi system from a particular location may affect service performance. For this reason, Indian Electric offers no guarantee of speed or reliability. The service is a free service, offered to ensure that citizens and visitors of Fairfax are able to obtain some type of access to the internet while on Main street.


  • Who do I contact with questions about free public wireless (Wi-Fi)?
    • Indian Electric does not assist people with connection problems. For more specific help with connection issues, please visit any local vendor offering “Wi-Fi support.”
  • What data speeds should I expect?
    • Connection strength and number of users in any particular area are the key factors in determining what speeds each individual user may see on a Wi-Fi network. These factors are beyond the control of Indian Electric and therefore make the question difficult to answer. Individual data transfer rates will depend on the distance between your device and the Wi-Fi radio, the number of users accessing the same radio at any given time, barriers such as trees or other buildings/structures, and sometimes even the device your using (some wireless cards are more powerful than others).
  • Will the IEC Free WiFi grant Indian Electric or the City of Fairfax access to my computer?
    • No. Your use of the wireless network does not grant Indian Electric or the City of Fairfax access to your computer. Please note though, the access provided is open internet access; because of that, you should take reasonable steps to protect your computer with anti-virus software and other precautions. Indian Electric has no control, nor liability, for anything that is requested or transmitted to your computer while on the open internet.